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Corporate Solutions

interact Solution is a cohesive application that provides interactive video streams while also recording and allowing users to embed notes directly into the video. It enhances numerous corporate initiatives within sales, marketing, and product enterprises; employee development and training; mentor, entrepreneur, and apprentice programs; and quality and compliance uniformity, just to name a few of the endless possibilities.

This corporate solution allows for virtual critique of employee sales, marketing, and presentation techniques which will improve their persuasion and communication skills more rapidly.  Self-reflection of one’s own video increases that persons understanding of their own positive or negative influences by 74% thus learning and advancement is accelerated.

interactLIVE incorporates live video streaming for real-time communications between multiple individuals from anywhere in the world.  It also allows those participating in the video-stream to annotate written, drawn, spoken (when using the mobile app) and/or typed notes that become embedded directly into the video via time-slicing for later collaboration, evaluation, and/or sharing.

The secure interact  Web Portal allows you to store content as well as easily and quickly disseminate content to individuals or groups for review, comment and/or training purposes.

For trainers, interact may enrich your Distance and eLearning programs while also reducing costs and time of both the trainer(s) and the employee(s).  Teach more, travel less!  Record training courses and store them within the interact application for future reference.

In-the-field and need the assistance of an expert back in the office?  No problem.  Connect through interacts’ mobile app to speak to one another, visually share field images via live-feed video between the two locations, as well as record and annotate events that transpire.  This may also be helpful in building a video library for others to reference through interacts’ Web Portal data distribution capability should a similar situation or event occur, or simply if an employee wishes to gain further knowledge by watching the video.

Utilize interact to coordinate new product development between team members while tracking progress and activities of team members through the built-in user activity tracker.  Introduce new products and product training to employees across your network through recorded video.

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