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Higher Education Overview


The interact turn-key video learning development and educational solution accelerates students’ growth through innovative teaching techniques, video evidence, and timely cooperative collaborations.  No matter the environment, simulations, role-play, or field study, Interact improves valuable skills while tracking areas needing improvement, those that are progressing, and those that have been achieved.  It fosters efficient and unique methods of enhancing personal self-reflective experiences that may easily be shared with others through the interact Web Portal.





Enhance teaching experiences and accelerate learning proficiencies with real-time or recorded video interaction between professors, students, and clinicians.

  • Labs (observation of students and participants, psychology, clinical)
  • Therapy (play, speech, reading)
  • Student counseling coaching
  • Flipping the classroom for blended learning using video lessons
  • Research projects (special needs, teacher evaluation, psychoanalysis)
  • DualSYNC™ two screen view of synced viewing, e.g., 2 recorded views, or 1 live view with 1 recorded view, or 2 live views, all with annotates synced between the two views


Anywhere you are connected to your network or where there is internet connectivity.

  • On-site (classrooms, observation labs, science and research, viewing room, campus offices)
  • Off-site (access for field studies via our mobile app at remote locations)
  • Accessibly from multiple locations and by multiple individuals simultaneously
  • Accessible using PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (mobile app for Apple & Android)
  • Record video using network or wireless camera, webcam, flip cam, tablet, or smartphone
  • Side-by-side live viewing and/or recording from multiple camera angles with synced annotations
  • Self-authoring video for quick self-reflection and advancement


Adopting video technology in education accelerates a student’s learning curve and understanding by 74%.  Add notes, observations, and critiques and watch them soar!

  • Live interaction and communication
  • Live or post recording video embedded notes
  • Ideal in simulation and role-play environments
  • Easy collaboration between individuals and/or groups located in various locations


Web Based Server

  • HIPPA Compliant
  • You OWN your content
  • Use your Network Server or our Cloud Solution
  • Unlimited Users, User profiles, file sharing
  • Profiles may contain: videos, documents, spreadsheets, PDF’s & photo images
  • Content is available for viewing and sharing within 60 seconds of reaching the server

Data Distribution

Easily define content distribution to:

  • One or multiple individuals
  • Groups of students by section/course, department, and/or location
  • Professors, Students, Deans, Staff, Administrators, and/or Clinicians


  • Customizable with your logo, color preference, and overall branding
  • Report tracking that captures IP address, Login ID, task activity, and viewing timeframes
  • Secure private sharing and definable restriction access
  • Unlimited User IDs and profiles
  • Password and Login secure, accessible 24/7

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