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Information Management


All your interact content is securely stored in the Web Portal Center including all User ID information, User profile folders, a variety of content, and all User activity records.  Information may be privately shared within the network however specific content may be defined for out-of-network allocation.  Content may consist of videos, word and PDF documents, spreadsheets, and other varieties of media files.


There is no limit to the number of User IDs that may be created and/or imported (.xls or .cvs file formats) into the system.  Each User will have an associated Profile (folder) which may contain content that is specific to them or that which is shared with them.  Each User will have set permissions that are defined by either the System Administrator or the Instructor User as to how and what they may access or activity they may perform within the system.

There are three basic types of Users, they are

System Administrator

  • User ID will automatically be setup for this User, upon solution installation and delivery.  The Administrator has the ability to control all system components.

 Instructor/Commander User     

  • Trainer, Instructor, Mentor, Therapist, Teacher, Dean, Professor, Graduate Assistant, Coach, etc.
  • Access will be through individual Login ID via the Web Portal Center or through the Commander.

 Learner User         

  • Student, Apprentice, Trainee, Intern, Employee, etc.
  • Access will be through individual Login ID via the Web Portal Center.

Invited User          

  • Corporate Sponsor, Colleague, Collaborator, Customer, Client, etc.
  • This type User will only have access to the content that is specifically shared with them.  The sharing User may grant permission to the Invited User to make annotates if so desired or simply allow them to ‘view only’ the shared content.

With the exception of the System Administrator, every other User will have a private User Profile which they may access through the Web Portal to view content and/or upload and download additional content.


There are two basic types of Users:  System Administrators and Users

  • There is no limit to the number of Users ID’s that can be created or imported from .xls or .cvs file formats.
  • The profile is private and secure to each individual User, as well as the system administrator and any defined superiors, mentors, professors, teachers, trainers, directors, etc.
  • Users may store, upload and/or download various types of content within their personal profiles.  Content may include any type of media: videos, documents, spreadsheets and/or photo images.

Login information may be handled by LDAP or Active Directory authentication.


Each User is provided a secure Login ID, password and profile folder.  The Activity Tracker will automatically capture date and time-stamp of each activity and event performed by the User including, but not limited to:  Login/sign-out, content viewed and for how long, items they may have shared and with whom, video review and annotates, and any other events during the course of their logged in period.


Content may be rapidly and easily distributed to

  • One or multiple individuals
  • Specific groups (defined by you), e.g., class, course, organization, location, department, section, classification
  • Outside colleagues, companies, sponsors, clients, customers, parents/guardians


HIPPA Level Security Standards – All data is stored on a secure web portal where customers can be assured all their sensitive information is totally protected with the latest security and at HIPPA compliant standards.

You own the content!  As long as the data remains within the interact network, no outside entity or individual may view, copy or infringe on your content.  The interact network is completely secure from the outside world, unless you choose to share all or any portion of your content.


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