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Information Technology


PureVideo High Definition (H.274, also known as MPEG4) technology is used to deliver superb video quality with minimal CPU use and low power consumption.

Each completed video recording goes through a compression and encoding process before the video is available on the interact Web Portal, which takes less than 60 seconds regardless of the video size or length.  It is this procedure that allow the videos to be quickly viewed across multiple web browsers and PC platforms, and the reason why interact reaches such terrific compression ratios, minimal network bandwidth consumptions and fast data speed.


You choose whether to use your existing network server or our Cloud hosted server.  Either way, with interacts’ video compression and encoding process minimal network bandwidth and storage space are needed.

Pre-installation we will provide your Information Technology group with a full checklist of requirements needed for the interact Solution software and network configurations, a few of these key elements are listed below:

  • Less than 8 gigs of memory and 2.6 CPU
  • Static IP Address
  • DNS for the web portion
  • 2048 bit SSL Security Encryption


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