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Interact Solution Overview

interact is a comprehensive cutting-edge online video turn-key solution that captures interactions, performance, security and surveillance through supportive video evidence of observable behaviors and actions.  interact does this while supporting embedded annotates directly into the video using time-slicing.

Using a collaboration of smart technology equipment and software, interact provides the gateway to enhanced security measures, witnessing of simulations and observable behaviors and actions in a multitude of environments, either during real-time video monitoring or via recorded video, audio and alert configurations.

Hardware equipment options may include:

  • High definition HD cameras
  • High definition flat screen monitors that support multiple camera view windows.
  • Microphones and mini-earbuds for two-way communications.
  • Wireless transmission pendant with enhanced audio, emergency alarm alert, video record initiation, doorway access control and corridor light activation.


  • Option for real-time live session observation or recorded video session review from any location with web access.
  • Mobile Smartphone apps for Apple and Android allow for not only written notes embedded in the video, but also will capture smartphone screen drawings and spoken words.  Compatible with any web enabled device such as tablets, laptops, webcam, flip cam, etc.
  • User profiles may contain not only video recordings but also other type documents, images, or spreadsheets.
  • All security features fall under HIPPA compliancy.
  • Unlimited user logins and profile with flexible hierarchy structure to meet your specific needs.

  • Cloud hosted storage or within your current network servers.  Either way, YOU always own the content!


  • Pendant transmitter features multiple capability and functions.  Upon the press of a button it can initiate a video recording or photo image capture, activate a corridor or door emergency light, trigger an alarm alert to a designated location(s) and transmit doorway access control commands.


Links to Additional Information

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