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interact is a video cloud solution for Law Firms (Attorneys) to use for video depositions, testimonies, and video collaborations between colleagues. This innovative solution will allow the attorney the ability to observe testimonies and depositions without the cost of a stenographer.  You as an attorney will have the ability not just to see written words and notes but with interact you will have the added feature of reviewing a video recording where you can pin-point specific interactions throughout the video.  Using the time-stamping tool you may tag specific points in the video, make notes, and then later “jump” directly back to those tagged points where an occurrence happened or a note was made.

  1. Opportunity for Attorney to be able to video record sessions and later go back to observe and review so that no key point(s) is missed.
  2. No cluster of tapes, papers or DVD’s to manage or transport. All video sessions are securely stored directly on interact’s secure web portal.
  3. The Attorney is able to view and annotate the video on the Apple and Android mobile apps instantly and can upload to the interact portal where it becomes available within 60 seconds (no matter what size of the session being completed) in their own secure profile.
  4. The Attorney has the ability to create a customer account. The customer and Attorney will have the ability to each log in to the session within sixty seconds of the session being complete and to view the video, annotate the video and share the video with any other colleagues. This will eliminate the time of having to FTP to each client and/or colleague thus saving time and money.
  5. Attorneys and clients can add typed comments/observations that are time stamped to the exact location in the video that the note was added. This allows clients to click on each note and “jump” to the specific point in the video that the moderator and client would like to make an observation.
  6. The law firm will have their own unique profile where they can share any video content, documents, PDFs, excel files, etc with their clients and other attorneys working on the case.
  7. All data is stored on the secure web portal where customer can be assured all their sensitive information is totally secure by applying all the latest security and HIPPA compliant standards.
  8. Law Firm Administrators will have the ability to categorize and sort the content created from the session.
  9. Attorneys can practice their court room presence and go back and watch and do self-reflection to ensure case is being presented to its fullest.