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Medical Simulation Lab


interact Solution is a turn-key video solution for Medical Simulation geared towards enhancing medical training through innovative teaching techniques and video collaborations. This total solution is your gateway to observing and enhancing your current program offerings and capabilities through a virtual video observation and simulation environment. interact also fosters live and/or delayed video critiquing and evaluation that your clients may use in developing current and future product strategies.



  • Opportunity for you add to your program’s curriculum by adding observation and simulation
  • Create a personalize learning environment for each student using evidence based learning through simulation
  • Track the progress of each student through our online reports
  • No cluster of tapes or DVD’s to manage or transport. All video sessions are securely stored directly on the interact secure web portal
  • Professors and students will be able to view and annotate live sessions in your lab and the video will be available along with the annotations within 60 seconds in the students secure profile (no matter the size).
  • Program Administrators will have the ability to create a student account. The professors and student will have the ability to log in to the session within 60 seconds of the session being complete and see the video, annotate the video and share the video with any other team members. This will eliminate the time of having to FTP data and files to each client thus saving time and money.
  • Professors and students can add typed comments/observations that are time stamped to the exact location in the video that the  note was added. This allows students to click on each note and “jump” to the specific point in the video that the professor would like to make an observation.
  • The student will have their own unique profile where they can share any video content, documents, PDFs, spreadsheet files, etc.
  • All data is stored on the secure web portal where customer can be assured all their sensitive information is totally secure by applying all the latest security and HIPPA compliant standards.
  • Professors and students will have the ability to categorize and sort the content created from a session.
  • interact Solution will provide a turn-key solution to ensure all installed equipment and services are configured accurately. We will need very little time from your staff to setup.
  • This enhances the learning experience by providing rapid feedback and collaboration.
  • Our mobile Apple© and Android© Apps may be used for off-campus procedures.

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