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Observation and Evaluations

The interact online video-based critiquing software features are invaluable in monitoring, observing and evaluating the performance and actions of both students and teachers in a classroom or lab environment.  The features allow for an observer to review the video and make embedded notes and remarks directly into the video for later evaluation and sharing.

This is important because having a visual aid of actual events provides for broader comprehension and allows for quicker awareness.  Individuals often believe only what their mind remembers from their own perspective, however adding a visual aid so they may witness what actually happened as if from an outsiders view allows the individual to realize there may be more to take notice of than just what their mind remembers.  Visually identifying with events and actions provides observable evidence as to what actually took place thereby expanding the opportunity for improvement and/or positive corrective action going forward.

Real-life feedback,

Example 1:  A teacher upon reviewing her own class lecture video quickly noticed that she spent more time lecturing on one side of the classroom than the other.  From this observation she made a conscious effort going forward to spend equal time lecturing on both sides of the room.

Why is this important?  While the teacher did not immediately understand the impact of her initial actions, is it possible that one side of the classroom had better grades? Was she alienating and/or discriminating an individual or group of students that sat together on one side of the room?  With the teacher lecturing on one side of the room, did the students minds on the other side of the room wonder more readily?



Example 2:  A student may easily record video evidence of the steps and processes they used during a science project or presentation speech assignment.  Analyzing the video may show where a step went wrong or where a different approach may be needed promoting self-reflection.  Similar to various levels of athletic programs from high school to the pro’s; they too use this similar video analysis approach to evaluate performance which allows them to make adjustments that will lead to better presentation and advancement in reaching their goals.


With the interact solution you can combine many different measures in to a weighted score to get a more effective evaluation.  It is “the tool” that will allow for evaluations, notes and records to be kept and stored on a periodic base to increase the effectiveness of the student/teacher in the classroom.


  • Promotes performance reflection and collaboration between the observer and the observee.  All collaborations are done in the Cloud and can be performed at school or from the comfort of home.
  • The observer may pinpoint the evaluation by time slicing the video at the exact second to where the positive or negative feedback needs to occur.  This speeds the time the teacher has to spend on the evaluation since they only have to review the notes and not the whole video.
  • Each user has their own personal profile so other users may not see the evaluation notes or forms assigned to them.
  • Surveys can be loaded into the system for each user to see in their own personal profile.
  • The user will be able to use the system as an e-portfolio for personal growth and/or to develop a personal plan if need be.
  • All sessions are kept in a secure environment and all users and administrators have their own username and password to access the system.
  • Administrators can assign users to their profile so they only see the users that have been assigned to them.
  • All critiques can be done live or post recording.
  • Critiques can be performed in the field through our mobile apps for the Apple© or Android© operating systems.
  • HIPPA compliant.

interact has been used for many years in University settings in the some of the top education programs in the country.  See who they are on Our Partners webpage.

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