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Our Story

The interact story began in 2008 when Dr. Lenita Davis from the University of Alabama and Haywood Pulliam the CEO of cenergyIT collaborated to build a video sales lab solution. This solution would help her and her students evaluate and learn from the marketing role plays that were conducted throughout her courses. As word spread about Alabama’s new lab, others expressed interest in having similar labs installed at their Universities.

By 2011 the original sales lab concept had undergone major upgrades, enhancements and was branded interact.  At this point the solution was being utilized in eleven Universities and throughout their various departments to fulfill observation, training and critiquing needs; no longer just a sales lab for the marketing and sales departments.

In the spring of 2012 we launched our first exclusive College of Education program fitting the interact Solution as a Clinical Lab.

Today interact has expanded across the globe to include industry training and observation environments such as focus groups and law firms, Clinical Educational programs, Speech and Hearing labs, Physician Assistant labs, and now in over 30 Universities.

We pride ourselves in working with our customers to mold the interact solution into the system it is today and we look forward to partnering with you in the near future!

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We would like to share with you the article below as it describes the real-life scenario that took us down the road to where we are today.

 Real World Sales LabProgram prepares business students for future careers.

by Tiffany Fountain

the EXECUTIVE Culverhouse College of Commerce Magazine Fall ’08 – Winter ’09

Nervous students dressed in business attire anxiously paced the corridors of Bidgood Hall. They were not awaiting the results of their latest exam but were about to dive headfirst into the first of three job interviews on this busy day. The interviews were not real job interviews, but they were close.

The role playing the students were experiencing is the vision of Dr. Lenita Davis, assistant professor of marketing in the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration. A year ago, she envisioned a real-world lab to prepare business majors fro future careers. Now, with the help of Dr. Rob Morgan, head of the department of marketing and management; Dr. David Mothersbaugh, associate professor of marketing; and J. Barry Mason, dean of the business school, Davis expects her sales lab to be constructed by Christmas and fully functioning by the spring semester.

After graduation, students face daunting job searches and interviews, Davis said. In a professional sales lab, students learn skills that will help sell themselves to prospective employers and that will prove useful for the rest of a student’s career.

“Our vision is to be the best in the U.S.,” said Davis, who is already running her sales lab on a small scale. With the new lab, she wants to add larger involvement and more activities, such as opportunity fairs and executive boot camps. Davis also envisions having at least eight cameras to film the mock interviews and help students review their progress.

The professional sales lab will have its own customized, secure Web site. “The idea is to get the students to really open up,” Davis said. “I also want to create an environment where it is safe to make mistakes.” Students will have complete control over the release of anything on the Web site.

Students attending Davis’ classes say they feel she prepares them will for the real world. “She keeps you busy,” said Leslie Brewster, a senior majoring in marketing. “Dr. Davis encourages you to get as much hands-on experience as possible.”

Last year Davis also helped create Pi Sigma Epsilon, a sales fraternity. The University had the largest founding chapter of PSE, with 78 members in the fall of 2007. Trace Gallant was the fraternity’s first president. Gallant graduated in May and now assists Davis with the role-play exercises.

PSE holds a number of activities for its members, including etiquette dinners hosted by well-known corporations, picnics, resume workshops, bowling nights and dinners of the Bama Belle cruise ship. All the occasions offer business students the opportunity to network with major corporations.

Davis drew ideas for her lab from Eli Jones, a professor at the University of Houston. “Eli runs a wonderful sales lab program,” Davis said. Jones also wrote the textbook Davis uses in her classroom. Davis took cues from successful methods Jones used, such as professional selling classes, advanced sales classes and sales management classes, replicating and improving as she went.

Davis said she hopes the sales lab will eventually be open to all UA students. Davis said she feels the skills learned in this type of lab could benefit any student, no matter what their degree.

Nicholas Esposito, a senior marketing major who will graduate in December, said, “In Dr. Davis’ class you learn a lot about yourself. You really learn confidence, how to think off the top of your head, and how to stay calm in a real-world situation.”

Tiffany Fountain is a junior majoring in journalism.

the EXECUTIVE Culverhouse College of Commerce Magazine Fall ’08 – Winter ’09