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Sales Lab


The interact Sales Lab is a turn-key solution for Universities looking to grow their program through innovative teaching techniques and sponsorship collaborations. A variety of labs are available ranging from the Standard Lab to a completely Mobile Lab solution. It’s your gateway to the sales profession and a valuable resource for students, educators, and sales professionals. This solution provides: a virtual learning environment for business students; creates a forum for students to network with industry executives; and fosters collaboration between sales educators and industry leaders with the purpose of developing new recruitment processes.




    • Completely customized to your University including school logos and branding.
    • Secure log in for Students, Professors and Corporate Sponsors.
    • Capability to import class rosters from your learning management system (e.g., Blackboard, Canvas, etc.) via an excel or .csv format.
    • No cluster of tapes or DVD’s. All video sessions are securely stored directly on the server or in the Cloud, and can be accessed via the web.


    • Always available, students can log in to their profile 24/7 and view Professors critics and notes.
    • Students can choose which videos Corporate Sponsors may view.


    • Professors are enabled with the ability to critique students on their own time from any web accessible computer, solving the problems of scheduling conflicts between Professors and their students.
    • Professors have the ability to add anecdotal notes that are hyperlinked to the exact time the action in which the Professor is critiquing occurred.  This feature allows the students to not only hear from the Professor the areas they fall short or excel in but also view the instances where they happened.

Corporate Sponsors

    • Corporate Sponsors have the ability to view the videos of prospective employees.
    • Corporate Sponsors logos can be displayed throughout the system to create a market presence.
    • Professors/Administrators have the ability to give Corporate Sponsors access to the system to view student videos.
    • Corporate Sponsors have access to the lab for on-campus recruitment efforts,  e.g., interviews. This will allow Corporate Sponsors to not only share their opinions about prospective employees but also bring to the table live interviews to share with decision makers back at their corporate offices.


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