NDSU business students take advantage of sales labs to hone interview skills (Video)


Students attending NDSU’s College of Business in downtown Fargo are learning some real life lessons about the workplace thanks to the addition of brand new sales labs. The students are leaving the classroom to meet one-on-one for a little practice in the working world with local corporate leaders.

Josh Diede is 21, a senior at NDSU, and he’s got the butterflies and nerves going. The Business Management major is one of the first students to use the new sales labs that just opened at NDSU’s College of Business.

Mike Krush/NDSU College of Business Instructor, “The whole notion is, from a sales class standpoint, developing these sales students to get used to interpersonal interactions. So, the first thing we do is talk about yourself in mock interview settings and then they roll into two roleplays.”

Josh and other NDSU students who use the labs are also being recorded. And upstairs faculty monitor the interview save it and evaluate it so the students know how and what to improve, when it comes time for that job interview or first day in the new workplace.

Diede, “It was extremely beneficial. I wish we were doing more of them.”

Gerry Macintosh/NDSU College of Business Instructor, “Interviewing skills parallel sales skills. Interacting with people and presenting yourself.”

Erin Donner and Joe Winter survived their sales lab interviews.

Donner, “Honestly, I have gotten more out of the real world things and the sales labs than all classes put together this semester.”

Winter, “After the interview, we can log on and critique ourselves and see what our strengths and weaknesses and prepare for the next one.”

And for the Fargo Moorhead businesses taking part in the roleplay interviews, it is a chance for them to take a look at the upcoming workforce.

Ross Erickson/Pepsico Dakotas, “It helps you understand the student, to see what they are about and they can ask questions to see what our company is about.”

The students we talked to got so much out of the labs. They want more of this. You can never be too ready or prepared when it comes to landing that first job out of college. Kevin Wallevand WDAY 6 NEWS.

And the sales labs are open to more than just Business majors. NDSU Students in communications, engineering and other disciplines will also use the sales labs.