Instructor Lead Video Assessments Has Emerged as the Gold Standard of Communication Teaching

For decades, simulation training and role-play exercises has been a trusted aid for the military, emergency response groups, and corporations where quick decision-making is a valued asset.
Interact Solution is an audio-video simulation learning management system developed for instructors to record, organize, annotate and debrief student simulations. Delivering timely evidence-based feedback, Interact Solution is an ideal complement to your existing curriculum.
About Interact

Simplicity Works

Interact Solution was developed by listening to simulation experts like you. Our directive was to create an evidence based video simulation system that is easy to use, by instructors and students, regardless of technical savvy.

Noteworthy Features

Video Distribution

Easily store and distribute content by individuals, groups, departments, sections, classifications, organizations and / or locations.

Single Sign-On

Integrates with LDAP and Active Directory for Single Sign On and easy import of student account information.

Video Compression

60% compression means that all recordings to be accessible in less than 60 seconds regardless of size!

Enterprise-Level Security

2048-bit encryption with SSL Certificates and each individual has a unique profile.

Government Compliance

HIPPA and FERPA Compliant

Live Streaming

Live streaming via my web browser for real-time coaching and debriefing.

OSCE Management

Automate OSCE scheduling, enrollment and notifications.

Multi-Angle Video Capture

Capture wide, medium and close-ups at once with the most flexible camera support in the industry. Web, and IP cameras are all supported. We use Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras for most of our captures. We support NDI.


Assemble user portfolios automatically while tracking performance and progress. The comprehensive record of all center activities for each user is filterable and searchable.


Let our work speak for itself

With the interact Sales Lab solution, we are now able to better train our students with immediate feedback. We also love the feature of sending the link to our corporate partners so they can view our students in action, without making the trip to campus.

Vicki West

Texas State University

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